Trash/Recycle Schedule & Bulk Waste

Trash & Recycle Pickup Schedule

Trash pickup for Devon-Aire Villas #1 is on Tuesday & Friday with recycling pickup only occurring every other Tuesday.  For a list of dates of when recycling pickups occur, you can refer to the county's schedule by Clicking Here and referring the "Tuesday A Pickup" calendar. Placement of the trash containers on the curb is permitted only from 7 PM the night before pickup until 7 PM of the day of pickup.  This is not only our rule, it is also the law under Miami Dade County Ordinance 15-2.  Please keep your blue recycling and green trash carts at least five feet apart and away from mailboxes, trees and other obstacles.  Trash bins may not be placed on the private roads as this presents a danger to motorists.  Make sure that all trash & recyclable material fits inside their respective carts and their lids close completely to avoid trash falling out onto the private roads and common areas.  Trash or recyclable material which is not placed in the green or blue trash containers will not be picked up by Miami Dade County.  If your green or blue trash cart is damaged in any way, please call Miami Dade 3-1-1 for a replacement.

Bulk Waste Pickup

Please take the time to read this section in it entirety before placing a bulk waste pickup.
You may schedule a bulky waste pickup using any of the following methods:

We know that from time to time homeowners will have more trash than will fit in the green trash containers.  Although we encourage our member to take that trash to the waste collection center located at 8000 SW 107th Ave, homeowners in Devon-Aire Villas # 1 are afforded two bulky waste pickups a years just like any other Miami-Dade County resident. There are some restrictions however that homeowners need to be aware when scheduling a pickup.

  • When scheduling a pickup, please be sure to obtain the Service Request number or pickup number. Please Contact Us with that number provided to you immediately upon placing any bulky trash on the curb for pickup.  The number provided to us will be verified with Miami Dade County 311 on your behalf to ensure that pickup and location is properly scheduled.
  • Failure to notify us of a scheduled bulky waste pickup could result in bulky waste being removed by the Association at homeowners expense.
  • Placing yard cuttings or any other trash on the the common areas, private roads or guest parking spaces is prohibited.
  • If you are unsure where to place your bulky waste for pickup, please Contact Us.
  • If you will be placing any appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, etc.. for pickup, you must have their doors removed prior to placement outdoors. This is a safety issue and it is the law under Florida chapter 823.07 - Title XLVI. This is also a liability for the homeowner should a small child be injured by said appliance.  Such items will be removed by the Association at homeowner's expense.
  • Mattresses must be wrapped in plastic as required by Miami Dade County. Mattresses which are not wrapped as required will be removed by the Association at homeowners expense.
  • Bulky waste must be at least 3-5 feet away from the curb so as to not pose a danger to any vehicle or pedestrian.
  • Bulky waste must be placed at least five feet away from any mailboxes, parked cars, trees or other obstructions that could be damaged by Miami Dade County's collection equipment.  For other restrictions or general information, Click Here.
  • Failure to schedule a pickup of any bulky waste left outdoors will result in the Association having that waste material removed and billed to your unit accordingly.

Thank you for doing your part to help keep our community clean!

Pay Assessment Online

You now have the option to pay your annual assessment via eCheck or Credit Card. Annual assessment is due by February 1st. If you wish to pay online, you will need your eight digit account number. Contact Us if you have questions regarding your account number, amount due or are experiencing any difficulties. Click Here for more information or to pay online.

About Devon-Aire Villas #1

This blog serves the residents of Devon-Aire Villas # 1 which is a community consisting of 302 town homes on 45 acres of land, 15 acres of which is open common areas, located on SW 122nd Ave & SW 111th St in Miami, Florida.

Property Management

Devon-Aire Villas # 1 is managed by Scott Galya at Brickell Property Management. You can reach Scott Galya as well as the Board of Directors via our Contact Us Page, by email at , by leaving voice mail or a text message at (305) 859-1462. If you would like to send US Mail, you can find our mailing address on our Contact Us page. When contacting us, please provide your full name and property address so we can better serve you. Should you need pass by the office, please schedule an appointment by contacting us by email.

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Community Network

Devon-Aire Villas #1 uses Nextdoor to allow homeowners and residents to receive important updates about Crime, Safety, Events, and Meetings. This closed social network also allows homeowners and residents to post Neighborhood Classifieds, announce yard sales, report a lost/found pet and much more.


Other Contacts

Miami Dade Police:
(305) 4-POLICE
(305) 476-5423

3-1-1 or
(305) 468-5900

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Poison Control Center
(800) 222-1222

(305) 442-8770

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Voter Information

Devon-Aire HOA # 1 is part of Precinct 743 and its polling station is located at Devon-Aire Park which is at the corner of 104th St and 122nd Ave. Below is our district information:

Congress: 26
State Senate: 40
State House: 118
County Commission: 8
School Board: 7
Community Council: 11

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